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The Horvath School of Music was founded in 2002, delivering private piano lessons in the convenience of your home. The HSM welcomes students of all ages, starting at five, as well as advanced students and professional pianists.  An unwavering commitment to the students is the result of an experience that is both educational and enjoyable. 


Robert's unique teaching style, combines Europe's traditional approach with modern piano teaching techniques in both classical and contemporary styles.  Another important performing skill is the art of improvisation, a focus of Robert's teaching. At HSM, our goal is to help student's develop their musical expression freely and to foster a love of music for life long enjoyment.    

The Horvath School of Music presents student recitals once a year.  These events are highlights of the academic year, and greatly benefit the students' musical progress.  The students are also exposed to other instruments as Mr. Horvath invites his musical colleagues (who play strings,winds, etc.) to perform with him at these recitals.  

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