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30 years of



Robert Horvath is a  concert pianist gaining wide recognition in the province of Ontario. Originally born in Budapest, Robert brought his talents to Canada in 1998. He originally studied at the world-renowned Franz Liszt Academy of Music in his native Hungary, and before that, he studied at the Bela Bartok Conservatory of Music. Robert holds a Masters Degree in Piano Performance and in Teaching from Franz Liszt Academy of Music. 


Robert's musical mentors include the great pianist and teacher, Laszlo Simon.  Robert’s musical ancestry can be traced back to Franz Liszt. Studied with some of the greats including Kalman Drafi who studied with Pal Kadosa; taught by Bela Bartok, a student of Istvan Thoman who was taught by Franz Liszt. The line goes further to Carl Czerny who was taught by L.V. Beethoven, a student of J.Haydn.

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While Robert's origin of expertise began with classical music, Robert's versatility extends to the idioms of jazz and musical theatre.  Robert has served as vocal coach, conductor, and pianist in musical productions, both in his native Hungary ("Musical World") and here in Canada ("First Time Players").

The Payadora Tango Ensemble proudly welcomed Robert and the group's success has been accomplished with frequent tour dates and concerts. Payadora is a contemporary chamber music ensemble that performs Argentinian/Uruguayan tango and folk music and original compositions inspired by that tradition.


In addition to his private teaching, Robert has been an assistant teacher for vocal coach Elaine Overholt at the Big Voice Studio in Toronto where he teaches classical piano, jazz (harmony), songwriting and improvisation.

Robert is always collaborating with local and international artists. His passion for music is contagious. For inquiries, contact Robert today. 

Horvath School of Music

The Horvath School of Music is established within his community and has grown to be highly respected over several years. The foundation of his teaching philosophy brings out musical excellence in all his students as he aims to make an impact on their life musically and personally. 

Robert's unique teaching style, combines Europe's traditional approach with modern piano teaching techniques in both classical and contemporary styles.  Another important performing skill is the art of improvisation, a focus of Robert's teaching. At HSM, our goal is to help students develop their musical expression freely and to foster a love of music for lifelong enjoyment. 


Robert continues to enjoy teaching and making an impact on another person's life musically and personally. Lessons are currently being offered online and hope to resume in person after COVID19.  

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